Root Pruning Process

Root-pruning eliminates transplant shock by developing feeder roots and a denser root system within the root ball that you receive from our nursery.  We don’t just root prune once, we root prune twice to produce a hardier and fuller tree.  It is a more labor intensive process for us, but it produces trees that are tough enough to survive being shipped anywhere in the United States.

We have a reputation for the survivability of our stock in the Rocky Mountain States where we first marketed our root-pruned stock in 1975. The climate is harsh on nursery stock in this region but our customers don’t get any losses from stress with our plants.  That is why we have had loyal customers for the last 34 years.  We would be glad to give you referrals.

We develop a FIBROUS ROOT SYSTEM in the following way:

1. Remove plant from container then shake out mix and root Prune.
2. Plant in beds.
3. In two years all trees are root pruned in place and left in beds for one or two years more.
4. Transplant from beds to rows in field (Plants are now 3 -4 years old).
5. Three years later, we ball and burlap plants. They are available for sale at 6 to 7 years old. We also carry specimen ornamental trees up to 18 years old.