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We are a family owned wholesale nursery in Boring Oregon, we have a reputation for producing nursery stock that has a history of being root-pruned and transplanted in order to supply the trade with a plant that holds up well in challenging climates.

Our multiple root-pruning system creates a fuller and hardier tree. We offer an array of specimen and ornamental trees to meet your retail and landscape nursery needs. Some of our more popular trees are the Japanese maples including Acer Palmatum and Acer Palmatum Disectum (Bloodgood, Crimson Queen, Garnet, and many more). Our Spruce, Hoopsi and Bakeri are also in high demand.

Click Here to download a PDF list of the trees at our wholesale nursery (PDF can be opened using Adobe Reader)

We have a reputation for the survivability of our stock in the Rocky Mountain States where we first marketed our root-pruned stock in 1975. The climate is harsh on nursery stock in this region but our customers don't get any losses from climatic stress with our plants. We now ship our trees throughout the United States.

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Loomis Nursery is a Quality grower and wholesale nursery, providing wholesale root pruned conifers, spruce and deciduous trees to meet your landscaping needs.

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